Into the shark cage with No Breakfast Goodbye

Today marks the release of ‘Swimming With Sharks, the new single from the Dutch pop/skate-punk outfit No Breakfast Goodbye. It is the last of two singles that the band release this year, following the pop-punk banger ‘Leave The Seat Up’, which was released last summer.
For Swimming With Sharks, No Breakfast Goodbye takes a somewhat different approach; the band leans more on harmonic vocals and less on raw energy. The result is a nostalgic reflection on a lost love. Singer/guitarist Simon Jansen: ‘Many people know the feeling of ’the one that got away’, this song is about mine’.
Swimming With Sharks contains only a single verse, and the storyline develops mainly in an ever-expanding chorus. Add to that the guitar solo and the gripping instrumental outro and you quickly come to the conclusion that this is not your typical pop-punk tune. Bassist Freek van Kouteren: ‘This was one of those songs that came about in a continuous flow, as if the song already existed and we just had to pluck it out of the air. I’ve never had a song emerge so effortlessly and organically in the rehearsal room!’
Later this month, No Breakfast Goodbye will hit the UK with their friends from Ink Bomb.
November 11 – The Queens Head, London
November 12 – The Blossoms, Stockport
November 13 – Pipeline Bar, Brighton