Burn The Louvre tame their inner demons on “Silhouettes”

Burn The Louvre’s 10th single and title track off of their debut LP Silhouettes, was inspired by The Last Shadow Puppets and the demise ofsinger/guitarist Jordan Speare’s 1st relationship.

“I am a huge fan of The Last Shadow Puppets, so they inspired the mood and the music. I had the chord progression with all the little hammer-ons figured out a few months prior to me and my first girlfriend breaking up back when we were 24,” recalls Speare, “and then when it finally happened, I wrote the lyrics to this and finished the whole song in a matter of days. It was actually extremely therapeutic to organize my thoughts like that, I didn’t really even have to go back and edit this one much,” he smiled before adding, “feel free to insert some cliché here about speaking from the heart.”

“Silhouettes” is available everywhere now.