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Latest press releases

Cowboy met een lui paard

‘Cowboy met een lui paard’, nieuwe release van Lui Paard De Nederlandstalige band Lui Paard dropt op 15 september het nummer ‘Cowboy met een lui paard’ op de verschillende streamingplatforms. Het is het eerste nummer van zes releases, die …
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Ok, Thanks, Bye

My latest single is called “Ok, Thanks, Bye” and has been released to Spotify and all other streaming platforms. It is a song about doing nothing and sitting on chairs while not going anywhere. The track is a …
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Nobody wants to miss a year of you

Dimitri is a one man band with an acoustic guitar, voice and an iPad. Started writing songs this year. ‘A year of you’ is a song you hope you’ll never need. It’s a conversation with someone you’ve just lost …
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Small Again

The Fades release brand new single ‘Small Again’ on Sept 8th 2023. We all get a little misty eyed at the thought of our past, remembering good times and bad. Times that leave an indelible mark on our being. Music …
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