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Latest press releases

Emilia Mabel – Vallen

Je zit in een relatie maar het gaat niet meer. ‘Vallen’ gaat over het vervreemden van elkaar binnen je liefdesrelatie: falling OUT of love. Zangeres en songwriter Emilia Mabel brengt haar derde single ‘Vallen’ uit. Een elektronische track met …
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Weak Moves shares EP: Geodesic

While Jesper Vervoort (jespfur) already had 7 songs done for this concept in 2018. Weak Moves started performing as a group in summer 2021 planting seeds all over The Netherlands. The Amsterdam & Rotterdam based band takes bits …
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Bayline – Ignore the Devil

Bayline releases Ignore The Devil; the first single taken from their upcoming debut record releases in fall 2023 on Suburban Records.Ignore the Devil is a loud, fierce punk rock track that haunts the thoughts.Trying to run away from …
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Under My Skin

Under My Skin is a song sung by Hella about love, longing, regret and moving towards and away from each other. It actually could be a love song for any type of relation. The song starts bare, with sparse …
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