Cardboard Skies (Radio Edit)

Alternative rock singer-songwriter Jean Morrison has always used music to escape. The soundtrack of his youth featured artists like Nirvana and Jeff Buckley, and South African born Jean Morrison would find solace in their music, inspiring him to craft songs of his own. This would lead to his single ‘Cardboard Skies’ originally released in 2015. The single now makes its return as a shorter re-release, in memory of Morrison’s father. ‘Cardboard Skies (Radio Edit)’ will be released on all streaming platforms on October 28th 2022.

The full-length version of ‘Cardboard Skies’ was a finalist in the USA Songwriting competition and a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, but after a troubling few years since the death of his father, Jean Morrison felt it was only right to share this new edit in honor of his passing. “This is my final send off to the best human I knew and also a way for me to finally allow some light to shine through again on the other side,” explains Morrison. The picturesque sunsets of Cape Town, a vista that seemed too good to be true, originally inspired the song. “Those sunsets were too perfect. It felt like I was in the Truman Show and if I paddled far enough out to sea, I’d eventually hit a painted wall that someone had constructed.”

Leaning into his alternative rock roots, ‘Cardboard Skies (Radio Edit)’ is a lively track that highlights Morrison’s songwriting ability. The picking of the acoustic guitar has a buoyant energy, alongside the jangling of the tambourine and the unwavering kick drum which constructs the foundation for Jean Morrison’s voice to cut through. Unravelling the story with intriguing lyrics, the first chorus hits with the power of the electric guitars, a taster of what’s to come. Memorable melodies swathed with rhythmic grooves and crunching guitars, the electric organ bursts through during the middle 8, creating dynamic textures before the build into the final chorus which feels nostalgic of his musical influences.

Jean Morrison’s first experience within the music scene began at an open mic night, where he met singer songwriter Farryl Purkiss. As a support act at one of Purkiss’ shows, Morrison met his childhood hero, Dave Birch, who was the frontman to the South African rock band, Squeal. This introduction would become a fruitful opportunity, with Birch producing Morrison’s debut EP ‘FAWE’ in 2008. Since then, Jean Morrison has been playlisted on several radio stations across South Africa, while touring nationally as the opening act for Stealing Love Jones. The music video for ‘Cardboard Skies’ received airplay throughout the USA on AXS TV during its release in 2015.

Following the release of ‘Cardboard Skies (Radio Edit)’ on October 28th, Jean Morrison is also set to release his debut album in 2023.