GDVRDGDVR’s debut album ‘Songs in the Key of GDVRDGDVR’ will bring down the house

On September 23rd GDVRDGDVR will release their debut album. GDVRDGDVR is a folk duo gone rogue, swapping their acoustic guitars for a basic drumkit and a distorted bass guitar. The album consists of sixteen melodic and minimalistic postpunk songs in half an hour pressed on black vinyl.

Sounds sort of like The Gories’ Peggie O’Neill teamed up with Dinosaur Jr’s bassist Lou Barlow. Or Jean-Jacques Burnel of The Stranglers playing with Moe Tucker behind the drums. Dead Moon, Sonic Youth, The Stooges, did we mention them? Now we did. The DIY-attitude is firmly embedded in the DNA of the band. If they get too good at it, they will probably change instruments again…

This album is recorded and produced by Ottoboy (the Oneman Trashband) and mixed and mastered by Petrushka Morsink (Cords, Ottodelic, Trushkadelic). The album’s artwork is indeed a work of art, created by kick-ass comic artist Maia Matches (former City Illustrator of Amsterdam, “Bitch Knows Best”).

The LP will be released on the indie label URUSAI Records and distributed through Clear Spot. The album will be available during the release party at Sexyland World / Art Bar Kippy (Noordwal 1, Amsterdam) on September 23 with performances by Jan Modaal, Ottoboy and DJ Blöd Heinie. From that moment on it can also be found in the better record stores. In addition, the album will be released on Spotify and a lot of other streaming services that day.

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