Ever Feel You’re in a 1990’s Computer Game?

Engines Made From Soup release the final single ‘The Lemming Trail’ on 16th September 2022, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Contact’, due for release later this year.

Originally from Merseyside, UK the band comprises of :

Gareth Cross ‘Crossy’ – Lead Vocals
Gareth Evans ‘Evo’ – Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Stephen Spencer ‘Ste’- Guitars

Influenced by Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen, David Bowie, The Smiths and lan McNabb, amongst others, ‘The Soups’ have played gigs across Britain, including playing at the Cavern Club on Mathew Street, Liverpool.

Coming off the success of their 2020 album ‘Again’ and three single releases in 2021, the boys are producing their best ever music. Their indie pop songs feature strong lead vocals, searing guitar riffs, great keyboard melodies and striking vocal harmonies.

Of ‘The Lemming Trail’, Phonotonal says ’this single is musically rich. It has a classic soft indie sound that allows all instruments room in the mix.’ ‘This song is telling a story, and it does it well. It’s got melody, hooks, and a nice solo.’ ‘A song with the classic property of being vague enough that it will seem very specific to everyone who hears it.’