Angie Flare can step on the gas again: release new country rock/pop EP

On Sunday May 1st Dutch singer and songwriter Angie Flare released her brand new EP with country rock/pop songs about ‘taking responsibility for your own happiness’. Two years ago she released her debut EP, but immediately after that everything shut down due to the corona virus. Now Angie can finally step on the gas again after a long time of idling.

In March 2020 Angie Flare released her debut EP ‘Footprints in the Sand’. And ode to her big inspiration: the music community of Nashville. Unfortunately she didn’t get the chance to promote it and play it live, because the world shut down due to the Corona virus.
However, Angie decided to make the most out of the extra time Covid gave her so she planned different co-writes to write new material And now, two years later there’s a brand new EP with a new chance to go on tour.

The new EP ‘With the Car Running’ tells the story how Angie in these difficult times learned to find self-love, take independence, dare to choose her own path and enjoy more the little things in life. Though the metaphor of driving in a car is universal but not unique in country music, Angie’s approach is. She addresses deep topics and looks at life from a refreshing perspective.

The style of the EP is modern country that leans mostly to rock but sometimes to the pop side. The catchy songs will give you wings and after that put you firmly with both feet on the ground.

With this EP Angie hopes to build a live reputation and eventually play all over the world with her band.
The EP ‘With the Car Running’ is available on all streaming services.