A west-end, Toronto product lost in his own world. He identifies as Ola Beto. His genre sequence of hip-hop, R&B and pop culture allows a true reflection of his presence. Diving into the creative, emotional lyrics paint the picture beyond measurement.

‘Ola Beto,’ the self-titled, surprise two-track single introduced new sounds from Ola, as well as his first Official Music Video, ‘Rollin.’ This release followed the timeless, debut track ‘Moscato’ and the summer 2020 hit ‘Ocean Waves.’ His debut EP, ‘Perception,’ introduced the world to his versatility as a creator and features Ola’s biggest hit to date, ‘Summer ’21.’ Other tracks to keep an ear out for on ‘Perception’ are ‘Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Hella Cakey’, and ‘Like a Love Song’.

Transitioning to 2022, Ola is giving you a more raw sound and flow, which you can hear in the 2-track single, ‘LIVN,’ featuring ‘Unheard Melodies’ and ‘Lavish 4 Her.’Prepare for a wave of emotions to be expressed and presented through Ola’s upcoming projects.

While listening to Ola on headphones or watching Ola on the screen is an amazing experience, his true creative presence comes to life on the stage. Performing at events such as Nuit Noir hosted by OBJX Studios, showed how intriguing Ola’s music is. Ola Beto truly raises the energy and vibes in the audience and has literally captivated and drawn crowds towards him. Beto’s on stage presence is already strong, and will undoubtedly grow as he continues to create an experience for everyone.

Ola Beto is an artist to watch. New visual concepts, new merchandise and new music are just a few of the projects Ola currently has in the works. His wave of emotions allow for an uncapped lyrical potential and his unique, personal eye will have your eyes drawn towards his content.