‘I Shed My Skin’ a new release from Skyelar, about new beginnings!

‘I Shed My Skin’ is the sixth release of singer/songwriter Skyelar. Again it’s a rocksong with an alternative sound and structure. The song is mainly piano driven but building up to a chorus where the bursting guitars of Nashville guitarist Nicky V. make you want to follow along and run off to that new start Skyelar is singing about.

The song speaks about new beginnings in life, the longing for that clean slate to start all over again an taking life back into your own hands, going to the core of what you’d really want and wish for. Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. The writer tried to reflect the intensity of the subject into the arrangements. So, expect intensity, going from dark edges to full openness.

Jaklien spent many years performing with various bands as a singer throughout the Netherlands and in 2013, performed at the world famous Paradiso in Amsterdam with her last band Rumours, as part of the Pinguin Radio annual music festival. Began in 2017, Skyelar is the culmination of her musical career, combining soaring vocals with brooding, atmospheric compositions which draw you in to her cinematic and richly textured world. Working with session musicians from Europe and the US, her songs are written, arranged and produced from her home studio.

April 2022 Skyelar will be releasing her first album ‘Lucid Dreaming’. On earlier single releases she’s already had lots of positive responses from reviewers all over the world, like ‘Rolling Stone’ Brazil. She’s also been included in several playlists on Spotify and with earlier singles like ‘Big Town’ and ‘Moon Dogs’ she has been played on Pinguin radio’s main indie stream in The Netherlands.