Temp Peopl3 – Naya Akanji

After over a year of starvation, fans of Naya Akanji will soon be eating good as the popstar is set to release a new single —TEMP PEOPL3.
Since 2019, Naya Akanji has, in addition to her critically acclaimed debut EP, “Vivid Emotions” steadily been building a spectacular catalog including features on WeTalkSound LOFN 4, the Bisi Kuti album, and Sir Bastien’s Girlfriend. Although she didn’t release any original track in 2021, she was selected to the Ejoya Class of ‘21, amongst other industry co-signs.
On this new track, Naya wants to do away with temporary situations and people and longs for home and the meaning and stability that comes with it. Produced by none other than herself, the new track explores the alternative R&B sound and employs a mellow low-tempo melody.
In her words “I wrote temp peopl3 while I was on vacation in a quiet, sleepy town in Osun state in December, 2021. I woke up in my feels on the 16th of December and my first instinct was to create this piece. It’s mournfully nostalgic. I think that would be the best way for me to describe it. Mournful nostalgia…… It’s my first solo song in 2 years and I hope listening to it makes you feel the way creating it made me feel. Just a little freer. There’s even more music coming sooner than you think.” Temp peopl3 is expected to usher in a number of exciting singles for the summer of 2022.