AMSTERDAM, JULY 29, 2022 – The Dutch artist/producer/musician Steven Charlot will release his second single ‘Sleeping Beauty’ on the 29th of July. This will be the first single from his debut EP ‘Occasional Affection’, which will be released in mid-September.

When Steven was younger, he never had the opportunity to develop as a musician, mainly because of his troublesome youth. During these times he did find a lot of inspiration and later when he left his youthful years had the urge to tell the stories he used to experience.

With his smooth voice and tasteful grooves, Steven takes you through life experiences that needed to be told. He sets an interesting foundation filled with pleasing harmonies and catchy melodies that feel nostalgic. Together with his music, Steven hopes to let people experience that false bravado feeling when walking down the street and at the same time be your friend in figuring out this thing called life.