Is this the saddest song of all time?

If there was a sad song rating, 12 O’clock Again would get a score of 5 tissue boxes.

MIK’s Reaction know how to craft a song for the utmost emotion. Whether it be comedy, with Sanks Very Much; Anger, with World Of Thirds or flat-out good time rock, with The First Kiss.

This time they hit the broken-hearted bullseye with 12 O’clock Again. An Indie/Rock/Folkey feel drops you right in the midst of a rainy night, where once again sleep is not forthcoming.

Thoughts of a lost love endlessly churning around in your head. MIK’s rich, deep bass/baritone vocals are full of real emotion and the torment keeps building as his vocals climb the scale, to the ultimate crescendo. Actually, make that a 6 tissue box rating