A celebration of childishness: ‘Juvenile’ by Painted Pillars

After the release of their singles ‘Bell’, ‘Catastrophe’ and ‘Answer’ earlier this year, the Dutch alternative rock band Painted Pillars keeps up the momentum with the release of a new single and music video on July 5th. ‘Juvenile’ is a cheerful ode to youth and a call to have the courage to look at life through the eyes of a child. 

The song has previously been performed during live shows, where it was a favorite of both the audience and the band. ‘Juvenile’ combines fierce guitars with a playful rhythm and rebellious yet melodic vocals. The single calls for scrambling and mischief and the band members lead by example in the music video. Under supervision of director Robert Zwaan, they spent a scorching afternoon in a small playground to put their words into action and really look at life through the eyes of a child…

‘Nevermind the poison they call wisdom, it’s not profound. The whole world is a playground… so let’s play some!’ 

About Painted Pillars: 

The famous pillars and statues of antiquity were once colorfully painted: they have only become so pale and uniform because we have neglected to keep painting them. The Dutch alternative rock band Painted Pillars takes a stand against this trend and offers resistance to the graying of the world. Using rough brushstrokes, they keep coloring up the world around them, as the canvas is never finished. 

The band’s first single about a philosopher, wine and a donkey was released in Januari of 2022. With recent singles released earlier this year such as ‘Bell’, ‘Catastrophe’ and ‘Answer’, they have set the tone for a loud and swinging 2024 .Their latest single ‘Juvenile’, a celebration of childishness, happily continues that trend with danceable rhythms and the first feature of a glockenspiel in the group’s steadily growing discography. 

With inspirations like Pixies, The Smiths, The Strokes, Libertines, Parquet Courts and Fontaines. D.C. and influences from various other genres such as punk, classic rock and hip-hop, the band’s sound is characterized by dynamic rhythms, high energy and a healthy overdose of passion. Singing along is at your own risk! 

Painted Pillars is: 

Eric Faassen, singer and guitarist, glorious king of neurotics and full-time philosopher against his own will. 
Rob Müller, bassist, cover art painter, motorcycle daredevil and mechanical engineer.
Lucas Willemsens, drummer, poet and computer whisperer.