Hooray! Bit By Barracuda is back…


Bit By Barracuda is back with a new single! This time, songwriter Bart Leys comes up with Bad Dad’s Dead, about a mother who chooses to take the law into her own hands. A loaded theme, but presented in a bittersweet way.

Since the release of debut single ‘A Sailor Without a Ship’ in the summer of ’23, new agreements were quickly made to work again in the DrumClub.OT studio of producer Niels Meukens. The original trio (Bart Leys, Niels Verellen & Jens Van Wolputte) was expanded with Rien De Keyser on keys. Furthermore it was decided to experiment with some new musical influences in Bad Dad’s Dead, so Seppe Dankers on accordion was also recruited as a guest musician.

The result is a cyclical song that manages to build up from a somber topic into a triumphant chorus. And the Barracuda’s will be back soon, as in June 2024 they will release another track…

Stream it now on Spotify!


Written by: Bart Leys
Produced, recorded and mixed by: Niels Meukens (DrumClub.OT)
Mastering by: Pieter De Wagter (EQUUS audio mastering)
Performed by:
Bart Leys: Guitar / vocals
Niels Verellen: Drums
Jens Van Wolputte: Bass
Rien De Keyser: Keys
Seppe Dankers: Accordion