London art-pop trio Mylar release new EP Lost In the Shuffle Share jittery new single ‘Cold’

Art-pop trio Mylar today (16th April) share new EP Lost in The Shuffle ahead of a headline show at The Sebright Arms, London next week (w/support from Pem).

The band’s first independent release signals a new era for the group. Now sharing management with fellow risers Ugly and Terra Twin, while sustaining their love for the 80s pop textures of XTC, The Blue Nile and The Cure, the Mylar of 2024 shed their glossy hues of yesteryear and – via personal upheavals and line-up changes, – emerge a heavier, rawer and groovier beast: “Everything’s a bit more soulful because there’s more at stake.”

Heading up the EP’s release comes the frantic rush of new single ‘Cold’, a skipping, 2 minute cocktail of krautrock jerks and delicate washed-out ambience. A neat summary of both the edges of Mylar’s sword, vocalist Tom Short offers more on the track: “A departure from the synth-pop world, this track moves to a more live, improvised, frantic sound for us, grooving like a CAN or DEVO track. It starts with pedalling, insistent chords which pierce through like an alarm clock abruptly starting your day. It doesn’t really have a chorus which drives its anxious and chaotic feel. The song is an exaggeration of how frantic and relentless life can be at times, and its pulsing nature pulls you along with it.”