Linger by Sink the Bismarck is your teenage angst remedy

They’re back! Sink the Bismarck launches three brand new songs in 2024, to show the world they were never gone in the first place. Get ready for a ride full of punkrock and metal influences and a good dose of anger. Catchy, but raw.

Let’s face it; we’re all products of where we came from. We’re all still faced with our demons from the past. They haunt us from time to time. Sink the Bismarck captured this universal theme in a rollercoaster ride of a rock song with some very personal and emotional lyrics about how hard is to accept that you just have to be good enough. With shredding guitars, layered arrangements and surprising breaks, this band takes you for soul search.

As for more bands, the pandemic proved to be a challenge for Sink the Bismarck. Rehearsing was difficult, playing shows impossible. They made good use of their time by building their own studio in Leiden, where new song were born. Three of them – CTRL ALT DELETE, Linger and Murder – see the light in 2024. 

Linger is launched 01.04.2024.

About Sink the Bismarck

The band started off in 2010 in Leiden, The Netherlands and quickly started making a name for itself on various stages like Paradiso, De Nobel and Het Paard. After writing songs and launching treasures as Endgame, Haunted Mansion and their E.P. Direct Hits, they won regional competitions and played opening shows for bands as Joyce Manor. 

The five men took the foot of the gas for a while, but bounced back in 2019 with a full length album Song on the Styx. A heroic epos, written, recorded and released by themselves. The album is a perfect example of a coming-of-age-story, told in a nautical setting which suits the band so well. Naturally, the sound of Sink the Bismarck evolved over time. With the release of Song on the Styx, the band was played on national radio by 3FM and proved itself back in the game.