She’s In Parties – I Follow You

Essex-based four-piece She’s In Parties share their second single, ‘I Follow You’, a spell binding, psychedelic track that serves as an escape from reality via Something. The band is led by 20-year-old Irish-born frontperson Katie Dillon (vocals/guitar), alongside her friends Herbie Wiseman (guitar), Matt Carman (drums), and Charlie Johnson (bass). The band are set to play their next live show at the Green Door Store in Brighton on the 26th July with Been Stellar.

‘I Follow You’ takes a distinctively darker, more enigmatic turn than their previous single, ‘Angelic’. “Something must have happened in the writing process for the song to take a turn.” Katie explains, “When the song started I must have been in a clearer state of mind as compared to the second half of the song, as it’s far happier and brighter lyrically/melodically. However
when it came to writing the next verse and it came out much darker/scarier, I think it must
have been because things were happening in my life that weren’t so great, so
subconsciously I was writing about it as these words spilled out of my brain and into the
song. When you hear the song it takes a darker turn in the pre-chorus, as many stories,
books and films, they all have a twist or a fall leading to the climax, as does this song. It’s
almost like a story in itself, at least I want it to be seen that way. By those last choruses
the “character” picks themselves back up again.”

With the darkness, comes the light. Whilst following a shadowy, hypnotic journey within its lyricism, the contrasting instrumentals adopt an airy, intoxicating structure of shimmering, reverb-soaked vocals, dreamy, warm guitars and soft, delicate drums. Its bewitching nature binds perfectly with the supernatural elements sprinkled throughout the track. ‘I Follow You’ is showered in Irish folklore. The mention of banshees adds to the song’s tenebrous, albeit ethereal energy, serving as a powerful metaphor for the darkness that she felt in the writing process. She further expands on the metaphors hidden in the second verse, stating that the “idea of the “dark creature”, could refer to yourself or when you look at yourself in the mirror, the “hollow being” that exists opposite.”, building on the idea that people interpret messages and meanings in the way that they want to; that perception changes everything.

Revealed first by their name, which is taken from the title of a Bauhaus song, the band are connected via their shared love of 80s and 90s shoegaze and alternative scenes. Where luminaries like the Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, and the Cranberries are obvious touchpoints – Katie also cites Wolf Alice, Paramore and Hayley Williams’ newer solo releases as her contemporary songwriting heroes. Dublin-born, Katie emigrated to Essex in her early teens, yet the 20-year-old maintains a clear affinity with Ireland’s burgeoning scene, admiring bands like NewDad and Just Mustard. ‘I Follow You’ continues to showcase She’s In Parties’ beguiling, sublime versatility and talent.