Dance hit ‘Gaia’ gives happy summer feeling

Catchy melodies and summer feelings. That is what Stef Jonah wants to convey with his music. With his debut single ‘Gaia’ he sets the tone. ‘Gaia’ is an energetic dance song with catchy synths and pop influences that are guaranteed to stick in your head. And what comes next? An EP with the same happy dance vibe!

Stef: ‘I want to create songs that makes people happy and that they can dance to. I was making a melody last year, when the name ‘Gaia’ came up into my head. When I was a kid I used to love a song called ‘Gaia’. I was thinking about that and the rest of the lyrics just popped into my head. It became a dance song, what was completely different from the song of my childhood. Now my friends are singing my lyrics: it’s catchy to them too.’

Stef is just finished with his study and is now focussing on making more songs. ‘The main reason I make music is because I like it. If other people like my music too, that would be great, but the most important thing is to like it yourself.’