´Picky Eaters´ a magical music video with ghostly soundscapes.

The video for ´Picky Eaters´ by alternative band The Psychedelic Birthday Party is a magical and emotional short film written and directed by the upcoming Amsterdam-based director Sabrina Nijenhuis.

In the film by Nijenhuis, we follow a young family in a fictional ‘in-between worlds’ story where the limits of love are tested, starring Robbie Wallin, Barbara van Haver, Abby Reintjes and Ella Dekker.

‘The Psychedelic Birthday Party’ consists of Kevyn van der Linden and Jeroen Verstappen. Two friends who blend dreamy rock, melancholic indie and cinematic atmospheres into alternative pop songs. A realm they describe as ‘Ghostly pop for the lost’.

Picky Eaters is inspired by the power of love and loyalty during difficult times. Coloured by additional vocals (Vera Aben) and classical piano (Niels Veron), ‘TPBP’ covers a romantic yet deeply haunting spectrum that engages with both light and darkness.

link to video: