Tamagotchi Paradise dips you in a pool of synthesized ecstasy

With sounds from the future and influences from the past, Tamagotchi Paradise makes you dance, swoon, think and feel. The trio, consisting of Koen Fris, Rens de Vries and Lars Woldhuis, make synth pop with a nod to the 80s where the sound of synths fly around your ears, the harmonies make you beg for more and you always have to stand on your toes to to take the next surprise. Want to discover something new every time you listen? Songs for the sensitive moments and the moments when you want to go crazy? And do you also want lyrics whose deeper meaning is not always readily available? Then you’ve come to the right place with Tamagotchi Paradise.

Tamagotchi Paradise is the result of other music projects that Koen, Rens and Lars have been working on together for years. Where in the past the Rock, Pop, Indie and Garage have passed by with their bands such as the Hedrens and Make Out Molly, the guitars are now replaced by synthesizers. Tamagotchi Paradise started out of the need to take complete musical freedom in writing, where it didn’t matter what could actually be played live, as long as the creative ideas could be used to the max.
Their debut single Live a Lie was released on July 16, 2021, bringing out many of the signature sounds, and with a music video introducing the optical characteristics of Tamagotchi Paradise. The next single release is scheduled for May 1, 2022. In the coming months they will be performed in various places in the Netherlands, such as the patronaat (EP release July 7, 2022), Cinetol, Woodstock and Melkweg. More performances are yet to be added.