Voltanz – Paper Planes

We would like to let you know that our new single Paper Planes is out! Paper Planes is an electronic indiepopsong with a catchy melody, choirs and surprising modulations.

The lyrics are based on a poem by Yeats. It’s about a boy who sees himself though the eyes of an airman.

Voltanz is a duo from Groningen, The Netherlands. The members are Pat Tuil and Dan Finx. When we had to spend time at home because of the lockdown, we decided to fill the creative void by exchanging musical ideas online. This proved to be so productive that we decided to start Voltanz. This isn’t our first band: we already played together in several bands since the end of the nineties. We started out with punkrock, but after a while we progressed towards more melodic music, inspired by bands like The Cure, Blonde Redhead and Interpol.The name Voltanz is a combination of Volta (change) en Tanz (dance). The music can be described as a mix of indiewaverock and electropop from the eighties, nineties and zeroes, with a twist. Recurring lyrical themes are loss, the inexorability of time and the confusion surrounding our existence.

Live Voltanz is accompanied by several musicians. Tuil sings and plays guitar, Finx plays the bass: the instruments with which they started out.