FULL MEDIA PLUG! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The album TRAPPED IN DREAMS is about living in an illusion.

The album TRAPPED IN DREAMS is Thyra Hilden’s first album and it will be released on Good Friday 15/4, on all the world’s streaming services.

The whole EP “TRAPPED IN DREAMS” is about living in an illusion. The lyrics are melancholic, intelligent, sophisticated Nordic existentialism that maps the land between passionate love and insanity, in a humorous way 🙂 ! However, to intelligent humor there is always darkness …

This music is recommended by Danish Radio in 2022 and the artist has previously been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, AP, Reuters, Euronews and others. and has received media coverage of his art worldwide. (See international press: https://thyrahilden.dk)

Artist: Thyra Hilden
Release Date: 15/4 2022
Genre: POP (indie pop, synth pop)


QM4TX2214787 (Synergy Twin)
QM4TX2214788 (Trapped In Dreams)
QM4TX2214790 (Blind Love)
QMDA72152673 (Touch)
QM4TX2214792 (Dust)

UPC:196626625137 (EP)
Focus territory: Europe, North America, Australia
Language: English
Label: Thyra Hilden

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Verified Spotify-profil: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7phO3GYNAflizLwCvfMkll?si=90jJMPJJS9yLhr68hOJQLQ

Thyra Hilden is a new upcoming and very productive Danish singer and songwriter who makes vital existential indie POP. All the tracks on the EP “TRAPPED IN DREAMS” are about living in an illusion. The release is made in memory of the artist’s brother who committed suicide after living 24 years with schizophrenia, a disease in where dreams and reality mix. The last and darkest number DUST is about his illness and death. All 4 other songs have a more lively dance vibe that serves as a tribute to all dreamers who would rather dance than drown. 

With his new album, the artist focuses on the fact that 20% = Every fifth adult Dane has mental symptoms corresponding to the criteria for one or more mental illnesses (Source: Statens Institut for Folkesundhed SIF, see https://www.sdu.dk/da/sif/forskning ).

These songs are perfect for relaxing with friends, especially fans of Billie Eilish, Cannons, Gracie Abrams, Lorde, The Weeknd, The Marias and Men In Trust.

The EP’s focus track # 1 is ecstatic, fresh and something as rare as a POP TANGO !!! And the EP’s title track TRAPPED IN DREAMS sums up the album’s subject – living in an illusion. In genre and atmosphere, the title track points towards Thyra’s upcoming dream pop EP “LUCID”, which is more acoustic and in genre with artists such as Men I Trust and The Marias.

Quoting music magazine FusioNostagia: 
“Introducing a talented artist known as Thyra Hilden presenting Existential pop that expresses a presence stronger than the first love! Thyra has a minimal and very direct language that captures the most difficult things in life….Acclaimed young producer Tendo Herbst creates raw pop for Thyra’s dark melancholy, to thrive in the line of artists such as Billie Eilish. BBC, CNN, and REUTERS are frequently exposing Thyra, securing all her art to reach millions of views and world recognition.“ ( Source: https://fusionostalgia.com/thyra-hilden-with-her-intoxicating-single-touch/?fbclid=IwAR2NJM5ALDcJbVtcWeJ8ZOTkuo2g9z0hvEBZV2Se8fZ3bHQTXvd_H0AoFyU )


· Professional career in modern art based in DK 
· +100 million broadcasting views with interviews regarding Thyra’s art.
· 2021 + 2022 recommendation by Danish Radio (Karrierekanonen, the biggest Danish national POP competition)
· Nov. 2021. Debut release FEARLESS.
· Nov. 2021. Review in music magazine ‘Bands Of Tomorrow’
· Dec. 2021. Reaching top #9 on AIR chart Radio2500.
· Jan. 2022. Releasing TOUCH
· Jan. 2022. TOUCH went on top #1 on Radio2500 airstream for january 2022.
· Jan. 2022. Both singles get recommended by Danish Radio (KarriereKanonen)

· March. Touch has been TOP # 1 on Danish Radio2500’s AIR chart list for 3 months !

· Apr. 2022. EP “Trapped In Dreams” releases

Upcoming releases 2022:
· 2022. Full 11 track album “Love Drugs” will release (Already mastered)
· 2022. Full 4 track EP “LUCID” will release (Already mastered)

See her in 20 international TV-interviews made by BBC, CNN & REUTERS: https://thyrahilden.dk/?page_id=25


Is an ecstatic punchy POP-TANGO with a slightly ironic plot “Magic implies a lie” and “Illusion is alive”
Title track TRAPPED IN DREAMS captures the essence of album thematics – living in an illusion. In genre and atmosphere this track points forward to Thyra’s upcoming dream pop EP Lucid.


Fun and thoughtful, Danish indie pop, dark and dancy, blind love, dreamer, philosophy, longing, existence, mellow vibes, singer-songwriter.


The album “TRAPPED IN DREAMS” is FUN and DARK. It’s melodic intelligent indie POP! To intelligent humor there is always a dark side. Thyra has a minimal and very direct language that captures the most difficult things in life. Thyra also has explicit skills in creating media attention to her art.

Most recently in 2020, REUTERS and EURONEWS have broadcast TV news about her artistic work worldwide in 7 different languages, gaining millions of viewers by international TV-coverage. Don’t get surprised if TV media will also show up to cover her upcoming album release in 2022. So we highly recommend you to be a first mover and introduce Thyra.

Verified Profile (link): https://open.spotify.com/artist/7phO3GYNAflizLwCvfMkll?si=90jJMPJJS9yLhr68hOJQLQ

PRESS RESULTS (selected):

Review in music magazine BANDS OF TOMORROW december 2021: https://bandsoftomorrow.com/2021/11/29/thyra-hilden-melder-sin-ankomst-med-dyster-altpop-single/

Review in music magazine FusioNostalgia january 2022: https://fusionostalgia.com/thyra-hilden-with-her-intoxicating-single-touch/?fbclid=IwAR2NJM5ALDcJbVtcWeJ8ZOTkuo2g9z0hvEBZV2Se8fZ3bHQTXvd_H0AoFyU

Link to 20 international TV interviews with Thyra Hilden, by BBC, CNN, REUTERS, EURONEWS and others: https://thyrahilden.dk/?page_id=25 

THANKS for sharing this music and message ¯_(ツ)_/¯ !!!