Tyler Ramerion – Alive (From ‘Diary Of A Madman’)

The title song for the movie ‘Diary Of A Madman’

Written and directed by Stan Berghs

In 1985 glam rock band Iron Python with Daniel Tyson (Played by Tyler Ramerion) is storming the scene as they get an opportunity to record some demos at the best label in town. However Billy (Played by Stone van Timmeren) and his band Crucifix is getting in their way from reaching the top. Daniel still struggles with issues from the past and can’t clear things out with, once his best friend, Steve (Played by Milan van Aagten)

The song is written and performed by Tyler Ramerion.

Its’s got an 80’s synthesizer’s rock sound.

Lyrics are inspired by the story and the script of the movie

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