Humana Spectra by Sammy Malary (Audiovisual album)

I want to confute the boundaries of gender expression. Within the queer community, but also in the public sphere, there is this thing that people still expect you to “choose” sides between man and woman. With “Humana Spectra”, I want to tell my story and show that there are no boundaries within human spectra.

I see the spectrum of gender, but actually all kinds of spectra, as something limitless. Compare it to the galaxy, where stars and space are just endlessly going on.

So, this album is an ode to LGBTQIA+ community and I want to give the audience that moment of “letting go” and “dream away to wherever you like” with this song.


  1. Fear Of Change, Fear Of Feeling
  2. It’s Time, Finally
  3. Humana Spectra
  4. Forever Forest
  5. Fear Of Change, Fear Of Feeling (Extended Orchestral)
  6. Humana Spectra (Orchestral)
  7. It’s Time Finally (Instrumental)