LIJO kicks off the new year with her hauntingly beautiful third single

Indiepop artist LIJO releases SPELL, an enchanting, icy song that pierces right through the heart.

With almost all accompaniment being stripped away, the isolating SPELL instantly transports you to a lonely tundra. SPELL hurts, but in a good way.

After the groovy FUTURE MEMORY and energetic DOG EYES, SPELL is the first heartbreak ballad LIJO puts out, though the term ‘love song’ doesn’t do the track justice. It shows LIJO’s innovativeness in minimalism as well as her trademark poetic approach to lyrics – it promises versatility for her upcoming music. And new music there will be. SPELL is just the start of more to come in 2022.

In previous releases LIJO has already shown literate songwriting and inventive approach to melody, as well as an observing eye fixed on the world around her. In LIJO’s eyes, everything seems like a show: on a small scale, we all are the main characters of our own little stages, and on a bigger one we act like we are the main character in this world. LIJO addresses this and its consequences, but then decorates it with a sense of lightheartedness and danceability, innovative melodies and feverish sounds. Because as she puts it, all we can and should do is add beauty to a world that needs it.