Skyelar launches next single ‘Moon Dogs’

‘Moon Dogs’ is an alternative rock song that is the fifth release of Skyelar, an independent music project from singer, songwriter and producer Jaklien Verham, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Moon Dogs has been already received very well by several reviewers like Isabela Guiduci from Rolling Stone Brazil, quote: “Moon Dogs has a powerful sound, as do Skyelar’s voice. Her voice is amazing, I’m totally fascinated. The guitar is completely well-made, and the sound has a contemporary atmosphere, but at the same time, it brings elements of the 80’s and 90’s. What a song!” Earlier singles like ‘Big Town’ have also been played on ‘Pinguin radio’s’ indie stream in The Netherlands. In April 2022 the first album will be released.

‘Moon Dogs’ is an alternative rock song with dreamy verses and a catchy chorus, framed
by atmospheric instrumental parts that once again bring out the cinematic feel of Skyelar. If you like a good climax it is definitely recommended to listen ’till the last second. This dramatic ending is also well worth listening to because of the string parts completed by cellist Marta Tobar from the UK.

Might you be curious, ‘Moon dogs’ is a nickname for a certain kind of halo that creates spots of light to the left and right of the moon. In the lyrics of the song, the phenomenon stands for the light that shines on a relationship that turns out to be unbreakable. The light also represents the strength in the relationship.